The Return of the Design Team!

A later post from me – Mum’s been feeling particularly poorly this past week – I haven’t even left the house!  I HAVE, however, not been sitting twiddling my thumbs!

THIS is what 56 unfinished keyrings look like:


Of course, after cutting all these out I then found another 11 that needed sewing too – taking my current ‘in progress’ keyings to 67!  One very beady eyed lady spotted a fox she took a fancy to, so I quickly sewed him up, and he has left to go and live with her in America – I’m sure he will be very happy there 😀  So if you see something you like the look of – let me know!  You can contact me via my Facebook Page, convo me on Etsy, or even send me a good old fashioned email at
Or of course you can always browse the (still rather small) selection of ready to buy bits in my Etsy shop 🙂  I do have some more ‘ready to go’ items, they have been photographed (after waiting DAYS for the right light!) – they just need a little tweak to get the colours truer, and then I will be uploading them 🙂

I also had 2 gorgeous parcels from the delightful Rhi at The Sewing Boutique 😀
One was an order I had placed – some really lovely fat quarters:
And the other was my design team package!
You may or may not know, that I am part of the 4 man Design Team for this wonderful online haberdashers/fabric shop.  They have been extra specially busy the past few months, so the design team has taken a back seat, with my last project for them being based around the Jubilee! (See my blog post here) – but I’m so glad it’s back up and running – I love the challenge!  Every month, Rhi sends us a little bag of goodies (it could really be ANYTHING!) and we each make whatever we fancy (meeting the brief) from what we have been sent, plus anything else we may have in our stash.

This month is, unsurprisingly Valentines themed:

Oddly, I’d just received a fat quarter of this super cute Riley Blake fabric the day before, so an extra eighth was a happy coincidence!  You can get your own here 🙂 Also included was a good length of quality satin ribbon, and a few spotty buttons.

The challenge is a bit tricky – ‘create a Valentines theme gift or item that includes any of the items but it cannot be a heart!’  Valentines without hearts may be a bit tricky, so I MIGHT have to sneak a couple in – but rest assured – no boring hanging hearts here!  In fact, I’ve almost finished my first make *smugface* so I’d best pop off to finish it 😀

‘Til next time,



Holiday Antics

It’s the beginning of the new year, and I made only two resolutions:

  1. Use my sewing machine more. (I’m still terrified I’ll break it! And hand sewing can be done in total comfort on the sofa with a nice cuppa 😀 )
  2. Get back into blogging.

So here I am, getting back into blogging! I have moved blogs, as it seems it is much easier for readers to comment on WordPress, rather than all that faffing with signing in and ‘capchas'(?!) with Google’s Blogspot – a good start I think!

I’m sure some of you will be wondering where I have been – my online presence has dwindled somewhat over the last couple of months, which I am sorry for, but things have been a little busy at heartstitch hq!  My dear ol’ mum (I say ol’ – a term of endearment 😀 I know she reads this and I wouldn’t want her to think I am calling her old!) has not been very well at all, so I have been on an extended visit to Dorset to look after her.  I’ll call it payback for all the years she’s done the same for me 🙂
I do love Dorset – it’s made a lovely change of scenery (when we have managed to go out) from the greys of Plymouth City Centre, to the sea and the greenery of Weymouth.  I am most certainly a country girl at heart – though I do NOT like it when any actual country gets *on* me 😛

The view is pretty good though 😀


Christmas was a quiet affair this year – just how I like it 😀  Not many trimmings with the dinner, a tree 1/4 the size we normally have, no booze (showing mum some solidarity as she can’t have any), old musicals on the telly, but still plenty of presents, and a good time was had by all (at least no one said otherwise!)


(Tiny tree!)

I was spoilt (again) this year, with a slowcooker (that I am trying out today – will let you know how it goes!):


A wonderful ‘doodle’ of me and t’other half (and the furry things) by Kittypinkstars (you can find her wonderful Etsy shop *here*):

I also got a gorgeous Cath Kidston handbag:

New years eve was another quiet night in – a roast dinner and a very important game of Scrabble… The first time I have EVER won against my wordgamenut mum!


Yes, yes that is ‘zips’ on a triple letter score 😀 Please also note ‘domical’ (played at the last minute) and ‘vav’ – the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet 😀 Also for the keen eyed – I do believe this was my Grannys board – as the copyright sign says 1954 next to it!

I’ve also been keeping my hand in with the sewing – I was stuffing this little fella on Christmas eve!

I am trying to get together a nice little mound of current designs, that way, I don’t have to keep making them all the time – and then I can get on with all the NEW things that have been clogging up my brain 😀  So if there’s something you’d like in a particular colour that you can’t find on my Etsy shop, do ask as chances are I have one sneakily stashed away for listing later 🙂 I currently have ALL the keyrings – next on the list is gadget cases 🙂

I do hope you all had a fabulous Christmas/New Year/Whatever you do or don’t celebrate in late December/early January!   If you were lucky enough to get any heartstitch goodies I would LOVE to see photos of you with them!  My plan is to get back to blogging at least once a week, so I’ll be back soon, perhaps with a nice slow cooker recipe, and *maybe* evidence of sewing machine use. 🙂
Do let me know if there is something you would like to see here – I’d love to do a tutorial at some point, but if you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them!