Psst! I’m still here!

I’ve not gotten lost in the ether of cyberspace! I’m still alive! Don’t panic!
I’m very sorry for my absence – I have been a little poorly, followed by an unexpected notice to move from our little flat so I have been rather busy moving back to Plymouth from Dorset, househunting like there was no tomorrow, moving, and now unpacking!

First things first, long time followers would probably like to know that my dear Mum is finally better – which is wonderful news 🙂  I am very aware I have collected lots of goodies for a charity auction for the people who looked after her – I am super sorry for hanging on to these for so long, it IS going ahead, however I would rather do the job well than half heartedly, so this will take place when I am able to do it justice, possibly with the help of a few online buddies – which means even more handmade goodies to bid on!

So… with our landlords wanting to sell the flat we have packed like mad, moved into another county (even if it is only just!), started unpacking and have been generally tearing our hair out with all the stress.  The cats, however, are loving it! All the boxes to sit/play/hide/sleep in is certainly Peppers idea of heaven and they have spent countless hours sunbathing in our new living room 🙂


We have moved to a gorgeous old fishing cottage in Cornwall – a bit of a leap from a city centre flat!  While it is small, it is beautiful, in a little hamlet next to a river surrounded by greenery… and the best bit is I get to have a studio!  A proper workspace to create in peace, rather than having the mister complain that my craft supplies are taking over 😉  While we make the house a home this blog may have a shift in direction to a record of my attempts at homemaking (alongside the usual work related updates) – as we are still renting decorating is going to be tricky (and all the walls are white!) so I hope to share my not decorating adventures in the hopes that *someone* will find it useful when faced with a total blank canvas of a house!  Expect upcycling, little DIY projects, soft furnishings and probably some baking to sweeten the neighbours!  I hope you will enjoy it!  The first job will probably be this little stool I found in a shop in Liskeard – I am looking forward to giving it a total makeover when we have chosen a colour scheme.


In terms of my work, I shall not be taking on anything until we are settled in – again, I’d rather do the job properly than be eternally flaky.  I shall obviously honour any outstanding orders and will start work on these as soon as the studio is up and running.  I intend to get back to work quite slowly, to help get my creative mojo back after such a long break so please bear with me!   I may use this opportunity to make some new things as well as continuing with the old so I would LOVE to hear your opinions on what your favourite goodies are, as well as anything you’d like to see me make – please pop me a comment if you’d care to share your thoughts 🙂

I’ll leave you with a little image of the new heartstitch hq – it’s quite exciting!