I am not someone who often does things for charity.  I will donate my time, or an item I have made, or buy something where money goes towards charity – but never have I pro-actively *done* anything.  This is about to change.  It has to, because now I have blogged about it I HAVE to do it, or the *whole* internet will judge me! 😛

You may or may not know that my mum has recently been very poorly, and a dear friend of mines mother recently passed away from the same horrible disease.  I realise that I am very lucky, and feel a great urge to help those people who have helped our mums.  I know there are LOTS of charities, and no one is more deserving than the other, but for the simple fact that it has directly affected me, my friend and I are going to be organising an online and ‘real life’ event to raise money for Dorset Cancer Care Centre.  This is the unit at Poole hospital that helps so many people suffering with cancer, and I have seen first-hand how they could really use any money to help continue and better their services.  

I have absolutely NO idea how to run any event, let alone a charity event – so any advice is welcomed! The plan so far is to have an online craft market of sorts, publicised on Facebook and anywhere else I can stick it, with auctions and sales being held on Ebay in the interest of fairness.  Anything that does not sell on Ebay will then be taken to a physical event to be sold, hopefully with coffee and cake and raffles etc.  Anything that has not sold after that (most unlikely!) will either be left with DCC for future events held by them, or returned to the donator (is that a word?!) whichever they choose.

If you would like to donate a craft item (you will of course be given credit and mentioned anywhere we put your work), some artwork, a card, something you have made, please get in touch by email – heartstitch(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk , here, or my facebook page  I am not expecting any huge donations (but if you want to – great! yes please!) – every little helps 🙂  


I have set up a facebook page for both the online craft fair and the ‘real life’ craft fair – – please give it a ‘like’ even if you do not wish to donate – you may wish to buy something! 

Thank you in advance 😀


Something new…

No, I’m not getting married! But I have taken a couple of days to learn a new craft – crochet!

As someone who took at LEAST 4/5 years to learn to knit (every Christmas I would beg my long suffering mother to teach me, and every year I would forget what I had learned! And I *still* only know the very basics!) I was a bit dubious about learning to crochet.  However, after seeing SO many gorgeous crochet makes on my Instagram feed I could resist it no longer!

If you would like to check out who inspired me here is a very little list – there are SO many gorgeous ‘hookers’ (*snigger*) out there!

Image Crochet Shaz (facebook page)
Image Girlybunches

lovlan Lovlan (Instagram)

ImageTea at Weasels (also an avid quilter – that’s next on my ‘to learn list!)

Image Cute Designs

So, how could I NOT learn when I could one day try to make something as wonderful as these makes?!

Someone, I don’t remember who, told me that crochet was easier than knitting.  They lied.  I could NOT grasp how to hold the hook, turn the hook, do ANYTHING with the hook! Then I tried switching hands… I am right handed, however, switching to my left was a eureka moment – IT WORKED!  I made my first chain 😀


The plan is to make myself a granny square blanket.  I thought this would be an achievable task if I could make myself a square every evening or two… little did I realise how hard it is to go in a circle. (Please excuse my lack of crochet terminology – I have no idea what anything is called other than ‘chain’ and ‘stitch’!) So that idea is scrapped for a little while 😛

Not deterred, I decided to try what I am going to call straight crochet because I don’t have a clue what it is actually called – if anyone can enlighten me please do!
Practise made… wonky.


But try again I did, and eventually, I came up with  this:


It’s a mug hug! Not very exciting, and a little too big for the mug, and slightly curly, and I forgot to count how many rows I was doing of each colour so the stripes on the other side are smaller… but it’s MY mug hug, and I love the colours, and I think it could have been A LOT worse 😛

If you’d like to make your own, I made a chain of 16 stitches, and did the crochet thing (I *think* it was double crochet?) until it looked like it would fit, attached a button to one side, and a small chain to the other to fasten… there’s probably a decent pattern on Ravelry – go look at that!

Will I keep it up and learn to do a granny square?  I hope so!  In the mean time, do follow me on Instagram and or Facebook to see what I do get up to 🙂