Something new…

No, I’m not getting married! But I have taken a couple of days to learn a new craft – crochet!

As someone who took at LEAST 4/5 years to learn to knit (every Christmas I would beg my long suffering mother to teach me, and every year I would forget what I had learned! And I *still* only know the very basics!) I was a bit dubious about learning to crochet.  However, after seeing SO many gorgeous crochet makes on my Instagram feed I could resist it no longer!

If you would like to check out who inspired me here is a very little list – there are SO many gorgeous ‘hookers’ (*snigger*) out there!

Image Crochet Shaz (facebook page)
Image Girlybunches

lovlan Lovlan (Instagram)

ImageTea at Weasels (also an avid quilter – that’s next on my ‘to learn list!)

Image Cute Designs

So, how could I NOT learn when I could one day try to make something as wonderful as these makes?!

Someone, I don’t remember who, told me that crochet was easier than knitting.  They lied.  I could NOT grasp how to hold the hook, turn the hook, do ANYTHING with the hook! Then I tried switching hands… I am right handed, however, switching to my left was a eureka moment – IT WORKED!  I made my first chain 😀


The plan is to make myself a granny square blanket.  I thought this would be an achievable task if I could make myself a square every evening or two… little did I realise how hard it is to go in a circle. (Please excuse my lack of crochet terminology – I have no idea what anything is called other than ‘chain’ and ‘stitch’!) So that idea is scrapped for a little while 😛

Not deterred, I decided to try what I am going to call straight crochet because I don’t have a clue what it is actually called – if anyone can enlighten me please do!
Practise made… wonky.


But try again I did, and eventually, I came up with  this:


It’s a mug hug! Not very exciting, and a little too big for the mug, and slightly curly, and I forgot to count how many rows I was doing of each colour so the stripes on the other side are smaller… but it’s MY mug hug, and I love the colours, and I think it could have been A LOT worse 😛

If you’d like to make your own, I made a chain of 16 stitches, and did the crochet thing (I *think* it was double crochet?) until it looked like it would fit, attached a button to one side, and a small chain to the other to fasten… there’s probably a decent pattern on Ravelry – go look at that!

Will I keep it up and learn to do a granny square?  I hope so!  In the mean time, do follow me on Instagram and or Facebook to see what I do get up to 🙂