The return of Treasury Tuesday!

Etsy logo  (source:

Etsy logo (souce:

Etsy is, for those of you not in the know, a wonderful online marketplace FILLED with handmade goods, vintage items and craft supplies. It is also where you can buy your heartstitch goodies 😉

It is SO easy to get lost browsing on Etsy – there are SO many talented people who sell their work on it (of course, there are the not so good ones too – we love and miss you Regretsy!)  It is lovely to browse through my favourite shops on Etsy, but it also has a great (if not the most user friendly) social side to it.  You can ‘follow’ your favourite shop owners (or shoppers) to see what items they ‘favourite’ (I suppose the equivalent of a ‘like’ on Facebook) and there are ‘teams’ too (rather like being in a particular group on Facebook).  I myself *still* don’t know all the ins and outs of Etsy-ing, and am not in many teams, but I’m open to be in more if you have any suggestions!

Handsewn felt and fabric gadget cosy by heartstitch

Handsewn felt and fabric gadget cosy by heartstitch

My favourite way to mix shopping and ‘socialising’ on Etsy is to make ‘treasuries’.  Please excuse me if I am now teaching you to suck eggs, but I was surprised when talking to fellow Etsy sellers on Facebook by how many were not aware how to make a treasury, or even what one was!

So, a treasury is essentially a collection of things you have found on the site – shown by grouping 16 images together – generally they are made with a particular theme, colours, a mood, flora, fauna, anything that takes your fancy!   A treasury is *not* intended for promoting yourself – it is about going out of your way to find fellow creatives, or showcase your favourite Etsyians – it’s a great way to make new friends and spend ALL your money 😛

My latest treasury - tea party theme

My latest treasury – tea party theme

Now, this is where Etsy don’t make it too easy – actually navigating to make your treasury! You can find the link on the left hand side of their homepage:

Nice and clear, huh?!  That will take you to this page:

Which will bring you where you want to be!


I find it is easier to have two tabs/browser windows/whatever you like to call thems up for treasury creating – one with this page open, and the other with the Etsy homepage so that I can search for the pretties I want to include, then flick back to the treasury page to paste the URLs for each listing.  If you don’t know what a URL is, it is the text that is in the address bar (where you type to get to a website) 🙂

From there it is pretty self explanatory, just find your favourite images on the theme you have chosen, paste the URLs, and post it! Then share it to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ – tell anyone who will listen – your friends, the girls at craft club, your cat! Sharing is caring, and not only will the people featured thank you, they may take a look at *your* shop too 🙂  And if you are REALLY lucky, your treasury/a treasury with your work in it will be featured on Etsy’s front page!

Blue heart keyring by heartstitch

Blue heart keyring by heartstitch

Don’t forget to check on your treasury – featured sellers and admirers will often comment on your list and they may have something nice to say 🙂  The same goes in that if you are featured in a treasury, it is generally considered polite to at least say thank you for featuring your work 🙂   And if you are still stuck after that you can try looking at Etsys help guide on treasuries – but hopefully you will have got the gist by now!

Felt and fabric bookmark by heartstitch

Felt and fabric bookmark by heartstitch

So, back to the title of this post… Treasury Tuesday is just that – making a treasury every Tuesday!  A little reminder to go and be inspired and admire the work of others, maybe make some new friends, and maybe spend a few too many pounds on said work!  If you decide to do your own Treasury Tuesday, or Wednesday, or ANYday – I’d love to see it!

Find my Etsy profile here, my shop here, and my Facebook here 🙂